Contract Management in Offshore & Marine, EPCIC and Shipyard

Course Description

For complex offshore and onshore projects, the preferred contract module used is the EPCIC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation & Commissioning) Contract. Understanding the allocation of risk by mastering the ins and outs of EPCIC contracts will prove to be a valuable tool in driving effective contracting strategies to minimise liabilities.

This Contracts Management in Offshore and Marine, EPIC and Shipyard course is specifically designed to provide participants with a well- tested and practical guide on:

  • • Putting EPCIC in the context of the different models of EPC Contracts
  • • The inherent risk, liabilities and benefits of employing various contracting strategies
  • • The challenges of EPCIC lump sum contracts and the ways to manage cost over-runs
  • • Structuring the contract to address the issues of the several parties to the contract to ensure a positive project outcome. Pros and Cons of the split EPCIC contract form
  • • Insights into the current issues affecting EPCIC contracts like pollution, HSE and local content; managing contractor concerns

Who Should Attend?

  • Commercial Contract Professionals
  • Commercial Operation Professionals
  • Contract Engineers
  • Procurement Supply Chain Professionals
  • Risk Manager / Contract Risk Professionals

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