Complex Negotiation Skills in the Oil & Gas

Course Description

Professionals of the oil and gas industries are more than ever required to know and understand the regulations and practices governing their industry. Complex negotiation skills in the oil and gas not only a requirement to lawyers, but also geologists seeking out new mining sites, engineers planning the drills, and those responsible for drawing up mining contracts, who all need to know the legal technicalities affecting their industry. However, knowledge of the black letter law is no longer enough; a practical understanding of operations is also a necessity.

Who Should Attend?

  • Commercial and business development managers within national and international oil and gas companies looking to improve their oil and gas contract negotiation skills and overall commercial performance
  • Government representatives, policy makers, and regulators looking to increase their oil and gas contracts knowledge
  • Insurance and risk managers looking to reduce the legal and contracts risks for their companies
  • Executives, professionals, and academics looking to increase or specialise in the area of oil and gas contracts

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