Manpower Planning, Resourcing and Retention

Course Description

Manpower Planning, Resourcing and Retention of talent has grown in importance over the years to be seen as having a direct correlation in the longer-term ability of International Business to compete globally. As a key business requirement, organizations must have clear processes in order to devise and deliver the Manpower & Succession strategy. Having a clear strategy will enable the business to make informed decisions to achieve a balanced approach, how to assess the requirements, when to develop current staff or, actively recruit external candidates into the organization to satisfy future demands.

Manpower Planning, Resourcing and Retention Masterclass will consider how to maximize the use of resources in order to develop the right people at the right time for the future. Participants on this training course will be able to ensure business continuity by planning succession into key organisational positions and preparing people appropriately to step-up to leadership roles; identify talented employees and provide structured career development opportunities to enable them to take on higher level and broader responsibilities; attract and retain the top talent needed to meet organisation’s current and future objectives.

Who Should Attend?

  • Admin
  • All Professionals
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Department/Unit Heads and others that perform related functions.
  • Manpower succession planning managers/consultants/supervisors
  • HR personnel who’s key accountability is manpower planning
  • Succession/Emergency Planners
  • Managers who are interested in succession planning and improving resource management
  • Individuals who have recently experienced the challenges of manpower planning and/or creating the business strategy
  • Facilitators who operate across the business planning functions

Education introduction