Due Diligence in Petroleum Business Development

Course Description

This Peakware Due Diligence in Petroleum Business Development training course is concerned with one of the most important activities of this business – critical analysis and evaluation of potential investors and partners. The business is becoming more complex in structure and scope, technology, competition and strategic potential. Consequently, a company’s relationships with potential investors and partners now require a different and significantly higher standard of diligence and discipline than has been the case in the past. This high-level 3-day Peakware training course will concentrate on the application of leading-edge tools and techniques of due diligence in building effective relationships with these two strategically significant stakeholder categories – potential investors and partners.

Who Should Attend?

  • Corporate Finance Officers
  • Data Managers and Analysts
  • Strategic Planners and Investment Analysts
  • Internal Auditors and Management Accountants
  • Operations and Supply Chain Managers
  • Merger and Acquisition Specialists
  • Alliance and Joint Venture Specialists
  • Private Equity Specialists
  • Asset and Facilities Managers
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Other individuals whose professional potential would be enhanced by an understanding of current best practice in investor/partner analysis and strategic appraisal

Education introduction