Certified Talent Management Professional [CTMP]

Course Description

Our people are our most important asset’’ This is the management mantra we have heard for long. Today, this phrase is uttered in hushed and fearful tones by executives and managers acknowledging and contemplating the challenges of delivering value within their organization through people. In short, the rhetoric has been taken over by the reality.

As business and organizational leaders have confronted this new reality, they have looked for new ways to better understand, measure, and manage this important asset. While they may understand intuitively the importance of their talent strategies to organizational success, they yearn for a model that allows them to conceptualize, measure their progress, and leverage this asset to add greater value.

Based on research, consulting assignments, and the input from preeminent contributors, we conclude that the core talent management framework required for creating a culture for success consists of three elements. These are:

  • A talent management creed composed of a widely publicized set of core principles, values, and mutual expectations that guides the behavior of an organization and its people.
  • A talent strategy makes explicit the types of people in whom the organization will invest.
  • A talent management system consists of a set of procedures, systems, and processes that translate an organization’s talent creed and strategy into a diagnostic and implementation program for investing in the people who exemplify the culture that will achieve organization excellence.

Objective: After being Certified Talent Management Professional every individual is capable to

  • Establish Talent Management Framework
  • Align Talent Management, Culture and business excellence
  • Measure Human Capital and the value it contributes
  • Design effective People Management framework
  • Designing people strategy and integrating them into the overall Business Strategy
  • Get insight into why high potential leaders falter, and methods for assessing and improving leadership effectiveness.
  • Understand about People Equity Framework for new thought of Talent Management

Target Participants:

  • Anyone who has responsible for leading people
  • Anyone who is working in HR, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management
  • Those who are responsible for strategic planning and execution
  • Anyone interested in or responsible for succession planning and leadership Development
  • Anyone who is teaching human resources or related disciplines
  • Anyone who is involved in Consultancy for HR, Organization Development
  • Anyone who is leading other functional department

Education introduction


  • Module-1: The Business of Talent Management
  • Module-2: Talent Management for Organization Excellence
  • Module-3: Building Blocks for Organization Excellence: The Talent Management Model
  • Module-4: Talent Acquisition
  • Module-4: talent Development
  • Module-5: Reward & Retention of Talent
  • Module-6: Talent Performance Management
  • Module-7: Talent Succession management
  • Module-8: Competency mapping for talent Management
  • Module-9: Talent Analytics
  • Module-10: Integrated Talent Management Scorecard
  • Module-11: Talent Management Processes to Drive Cultures of Excellence
  • Module-12: Talent Life Cycle Management


  • After successful completion of the course and examination, the participants will be awarded Certified Human Resource Associate [CHRA] jointly by International Professional Accreditation Council (IPAC) & WARD.

Program Administration:

  • Total Duration: 4 Months
  • Method: Fully Online

Assessment Areas:

  • Clarity about Concept: Clear understanding about Talent Management
  • Understanding Method/ Process: Different method and process of Talent Management
  • Capability to implement the learning: Capacity to apply Talent management Program in the organization
  • Capability to transfer the learning: To make other people understand about Talent management
  • Capability to analyze the challenges & overcome those: Analyze and overcome the challenges for implementing Talent Management in the organization

Pre-requisite: Graduate

Pre course Activity:

  • Self Assessment
  • Self study of article and materials to clear the concept

Post Course Activity: Assignment, Awareness Presentation, Application Action Plan

Assessment Method:

  • Post Course Examination
  • Post Course Assignment & Presentation