Certified Human Resources Associate [CHRA]

Course Description

The field of Human Resources are getting more and more importance in the Corporate world. Now a days all organizations are interested to have independent HR department. Even the HR professionals are also being invited and incorporated in different business issues and decisions. So the opportunity of Certified Human Resources Associate professionals are increasing day by day.

Considering this issue WARD-Bangladesh is introducing market demanded Comprehensive Learning Program for being competent in HR function. This course will give the participants adequate knowledge in different section of HR, updated Tools and Techniques for performing HR functions, readily available formats [essential formats] for using day to day operation, scope for sharing with Industry experts.

This Certified Human Resources Associate course has been designed on 5 Competencies for making young HR professionals competent and standard practitioner.

After attending the session, participants will:

  • Internationally recognized Professional Certification
  • Feel confident to face Interview Board
  • Feel competent in performing their jobs
  • Be updated about the Modern Practices of HR
  • Be skilled in using updated tools and formats in HR Operations
  • Be resourceful by having some reference material and formats
  • Be able to connect through network
  • Have a valued Certificate which can be mentioned in the CV

Target Participants:

  • Fresh Graduate looking for HR Job
  • Working in HR [0-2 years]
  • Mid-level cross functional people

Education introduction

Competency Framework:

  • Personal Mastery
  • Interpersonal Relationship
  • Functional Expertise
  • Documentation & Reporting Excellence
  • Fast Learning & Future Potentiality

Brief Contents:

  • Module-1: HR as Profession and Career in HR
  • Module-2: Interview for HR career and its preparation
  • Module-3: First 90 days in office
  • Module- 4: HR Planning
  • Module- 5: Job Analysis
  • Module- 6: Recruitment, Selection & Placement
  • Module- 7: Performance Management System
  • Module- 8: Training & Development
  • Modue-9: Compensation & Benefit Management
  • Module-10: Basic about Labor Law, HRIS & Disciplinary Procedure
  • Module-11: Leave Management
  • Module-12: Attendance Management
  • Module-13: Personal File Management
  • Module-14: HR Communication
  • Module-15: Customer Support
  • Module-16: Information Management
  • Module-17: Documentation & Reporting


  • After successful completion of the course and examination, the participants will be awarded Certified Human Resource Associate [CHRA] jointly by International Professional Accreditation Council (IPAC) & WARD.

Program Administration:

  • Total Duration: 4 Months
  • Method: Fully Online

Assessment Areas:

  • Clarity about Concept: Clear understanding about different functional area of HR
  • Understanding Method/ Process: Clear understanding about different process and procedure of different functions of HR
  • Capability to implement the learning: Capacity to apply learning in different practical areas in organization
  • Capability to transfer the learning: To make other people understand about different functions of HR
  • Capability to analyze the challenges & overcome those: Analyze and overcome the challenges for implementing different HR functions smoothly in the organization

Pre-requisite: Graduate

Pre course Activity:

  • Self Assessment
  • Self study of article and materials to clear the concept

Post Course Activity: Assignment, Awareness Presentation, Application Action Plan

Assessment Method:

  • Post Course Examination
  • Post Course Assignment & Presentation