Certified Employee Engagement Specialist [CEES]

Basic Information:

Employee Engagement: Tools for increasing Organizational Efficiency and Productivity

Management by Objectives (MBO), Matrix Management, Total Quality Management, Theory Z, Six Sigma: these programs were designed to find some sort of efficiency, either by fixing the things that didn’t work well or maximizing the things that did. And each of these programs was designed to strengthen a company’s bottom line. Some are still used heavily today, while others have been almost forgotten.

Certified Employee Engagement Specialist the concept of employee engagement—which has become increasingly popular over the last several years? Is employee engagement just another corporate buzzword about which in 20 years we’ll laugh and say, “I can’t believe that I ever believed that stuff!?”

The growing body of research suggests that employee engagement isn’t a fad, nor are its strategies based on unproven theories. Rather, employee engagement research is growing rapidly. It has begun to pinpoint what drives employees to do more than show up for work to receive a paycheck. In fact, much of the employee engagement findings carry encouraging news for companies and managers: Engagement strategies can be learned, applied, and maximized to unleash the discretionary effort that employees have within their personal reservoirs. Certified Employee Engagement Specialist

Leader, wouldn’t you love to see your employees do more than show up for work to give you a day’s work for a day’s pay? How would you like your employees to:

  • Give you their hearts and minds when they come to work?
  • Stick with you and your company even when they have other employment options?
  • Drive through a blizzard to get to work instead of leaving you short and in a bind?
  • Get excited about you, your customers, and the goals and mission of your organization?
  • Give you personal and professional loyalty?
  • Share their most brilliant, creative business ideas and suggestions with you?
  • Treat the business like they’re co-owners?
  • Contribute to making your workplace culture one that flourishes?

Ensuring the above issues require to ensure highest engagement of employees. But it requires learning what engages employees and apply it by creating an environment that unleashes the power of a passionate, engaged workforce.

Outcome of the Program:
After Successful completion of the Program, Participants will

  • be able to ensure Highest productivity
  • be able to ensure employee engagement both physically and mentally
  • be able to measure organizational commitment & job satisfaction
  • be able to ensure organizational commitment at highest level
  • be able to identify and use different approaches of employee engagement
  • be able to create right tools to measure and ensure employee engagement

Education introduction

Areas to be covered:

  • Module-1: Employee Engagement: Inside Thought
  • Module-2: Employee Engagement & Organizational Efficiency
  • Module-3: Manager’s Role in Employee Engagement
  • Module-4: Cultural Impact on Employee Engagement
  • Module-5: Engaged Leadership: Approach for High Productive Management
  • Module-6: Tools and Strategies for Employee Engagement
  • Module-7: Tackling Barriers to Engagement
  • Module-8: Administering Employee Engagement
  • This Program is recognized by Human Resource Institute – USA & Society for Human Resource Professionals – USA for recertification credit for their Certification Program

Pre course Activity:

  • Self Assessment
  • Self study of article and materials to clear the concept

Post Course Activity: Assignment, Awareness Presentation, Application Action Plan

Assessment Method:

  • Post Course Examination
  • Post Course Assignment & Presentation