Certified Customer Service Specialist [CCSS]

Course Description

A customer focus puts your customers on the top of your list of priorities. When you put your customers into the heart of your business you make customers part of your service culture. This is one of the core concepts that will be introduced to participants as well as elevating them to become more flexible and inspirational communicators in engaging customers and deliver world class customer care portraying energy, commitment and ending customer interactions leaving customers with a positive lasting impression. Also the internal Customer Concept is highly appreciable now a days to enable Cooperation within the organization.

This Peakware Academy training on Certified Customer Service Specialist [CCSS] will enable to you an edge above competitors in labour market

By the end of Certified Customer Service Specialist [CCSS] training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how their role is instrumental in delivering a high performance customer focused environment.
  • Realign their thinking about customer complaints and understand the opportunity that exists to develop increased lifetime value from even the most challenging customer situations.
  • Clearly understand the attitude, skills and knowledge required to be a professional customer care representative
  • Understand the importance of measuring and benchmarking service and the value of a lost customer
  • Create stronger connections with customer and enhance their personal communication through understanding the basics of customer psychology, rapport building and adapting their communication styles for positive customer interactions.
  • Set Organizational Balanced Scorecard perfectly
  • Design RIGHT KPI for Customer Service Executives

Education introduction

Brief contents of Module:

  • Module-1: Professionalism in the Workplace
  • Module 2 : Creating the Customer Centric Organization
  • Module 3: What do customers want?
  • Module 4 : Customer service Strategies & Techniques
  • Module 5: Competencies for Customer Service Excellence
  • Module 6: Communication that Matters for Customer Service Excellence
  • Module 7: Getting in Step with Your Customer
  • Module 8: Creating “Satisfaction & Loyalty”: the Ultimate goal of Customer Service
  • Module 9: KPI for Customer Service Executives
  • Module 10: Value of a complaint
  • Module 11: Road Blocks: What to Do When You Have to Say No
  • Module 12: The Part of TEN

Pre course Activity:

  • Self Assessment
  • Self study of article and materials to clear the concept

Post Course Activity: Assignment, Awareness Presentation, Application Action Plan

Assessment Method:

  • Post Course Examination
  • Post Course Assignment & Presentation