Budget Preparation Skills

Course Description

This PEAKWARE ACADEMY Budget Preparation Skills is a comprehensive training seminar that focuses on the essential skills required to understand the processes of costing and budgeting within organisations.

This PEAKWARE ACADEMY training seminar is designed to address all the relevant issues concerning cost analysis, budget preparation and performance measurement. This PEAKWARE ACADEMY Budget Preparation Skills training seminar is a must for all professionals who need to master their budgeting skills by learning how costs behave so that realistic business plans can be produced.

Who Should Attend?

  • The staff person who will be responsible for entering data into the budget system or training others how to enter information
  • Those who want to gain control of the firm’s financial standing and obtain a firm grasp on the numbers side of their job
  • Financial professionals, R&D professionals, sales / marketing professionals, general accounting professionals, business unit professionals
  • Anyone who wants to understand the basics of budgeting and costing

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