In the technology industry, achieving ISO certifications is a significant milestone that underscores a company’s commitment to quality and security. Touch and Pay Technology recently accomplished a remarkable feat by obtaining both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications. To honor this momentous achievement and recognize their dedication to excellence, Peakware Consulting, a leading provider of comprehensive training and certification solutions, hosted a grand event that brought together experts, distinguished guests, and enthusiastic members of the tech community. The event was a testimony to the importance of continuous learning and adherence to global standards in driving success and growth within the tech industry.

A Testament to Peakware Consulting’s Expertise:

During the event, accolades were also showered upon Peakware Consulting for its pivotal role in Touch and Pay Technology’s success. The audience heard heartfelt testimonials from Touch and Pay’s employees, who praised Peakware Consulting’s personalized approach to training and certification. Their expert instructors had not only equipped Touch and Pay’s workforce with the necessary skills but also instilled a culture of excellence and innovation within the organization.

Interactive Workshops and Panel Discussions:

The event continued with interactive discussions, where industry experts and thought leaders shared insights into the significance of ISO certifications in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Participants engaged in fruitful discussions about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, strengthening the sense of camaraderie among attendees.

Networking, Collaborations, and Celebrations:

The celebrations culminated with a vibrant networking session, fostering valuable connections among the attendees. This part of the event provided an opportunity for attendees to forge partnerships, share experiences, and explore collaborative ventures that would drive further growth and innovation within the tech industry. To commemorate the achievements of Touch and Pay Technology, a sumptuous cake and quality snacks were shared, adding a delightful touch to the joyous occasion.


Undoubtedly, the achievement of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications reverberates as a testament to the progressive ethos that defines the tech industry. Playing a leading role,  Peakware Consulting, an institution committed to fostering excellence and innovation through their facilitation of comprehensive training programs and meticulous guidance, have been instrumental in nurturing the skills and knowledge that propelled Touch and Pay Technology to these prestigious milestones.

By obtaining the ISO 9001:2015 certification, Touch and Pay Technology exemplifies Peakware Consulting’s dedication to imparting quality-focused education culminates in real-world impact. The resulting synergy elevates products and services, accentuates operational efficiency, and reinforces the organization’s reputation as a paragon of excellence.

In parallel, the attainment of ISO 27001:2013 certification underlines the pivotal role of Peakware Consulting in nurturing information security acumen. In a digital age fraught with cyber threats, the academy’s comprehensive guidance equips tech companies to fortify their defenses, thereby shielding vital data from potential breaches. 

Mr. Adedayo giving the closing remark at the event.

At the close of the interactive session, a seasoned expert and partner, Mr. Adedayo, appealed to other tech domain stakeholders to recognize the transformative power of partnership, and embrace the tutelage of Peakware Consulting as an invaluable asset in their quest for ISO certifications. “Let Touch and Pay’s triumph serve as a clarion call to all tech enterprises, resonating with the potential for growth, innovation, and security that these certifications bestow”.

In heeding this call, Peakware promises to continuously chart the course toward a future where tech companies thrive as bastions of quality and security, fueled by the knowledge and expertise imparted by visionary institutions poised to elevate the standards of the industry and shape a landscape defined by unassailable excellence.