Advanced Business Management and Technology

Course Description

The ability to plan and execute good quality communications in the workplace is one of the key attributes of the modern manager and leader.
Developing this competency is vital to managerial skills enhancement given that effective communication is essential to the current and future success of any organization. However, because we are now operating in a tech-heavy, time-poor environment, not only do leaders need to be understand – they need to be understood – and quickly.

Real communication is about first understanding self and then about knowing, with certainty, how other people differ from you and how your message comes across to them. This PEAKWARE ACADEMY online training seminar entitled, The Art of Advanced Communication will focus on these elements as the essential basics of communication and then build on several key related skills. This training seminar will also focus on the necessity of developing both personal skill and the right attitude for effective communication.

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to undertake meaningful SWOT analyses with a thorough understanding of the dynamic environment in which organisations operate strategise on the basis of results of micro and macroenvironmental analysis identify and optimise value-adding activities in an organisation’s operating system deploy different approaches for motivation and leadership so as to generate better staff performance develop a business model, and effectively manage primary and secondary activities of an organisation.

Who Should Attend?

  • Human Resources Managers
  • Admin Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • Directors
  • Admin Officers
  • Others who perform related functions

Education introduction

What is Business Management Technology

  • What is your understanding of business Management
  • How are these skills different from Marketing

How to assess current conditions for the Organisation

  • Tools to evaluate the current state of the organisation
  • Understanding how to conduct client analysis

Compiling a GAP Analysis

  • Understanding how to do relevant research in order to understand the current environment that the organisation finds itself in.
  • Identifying the opportunities that exist internally and externally to allow the organisation to grow and meet business objectives.

Organic vs acquisition strategies

  • Learning how to grow your current client base
  • Strategies to follow in order to get more revenue from your existing clients
  • Understanding the process of bringing in a new client
  • Strategies to implement in order to identify prospects.
  • Implementing strategies to convert prospects into paying clients.

Client retention strategies

  • Cultivating a client centric culture within the organisation
  • Committing to minimum service levels as an organisation
  • Implementing strategies to ensure client are engaged

Client Relationship Development

  • What is Client Relationship Management?
  • Practical ways of implementing at CRM

Individual profile development

  • Defining your personal brand
  • Tools to implement in order to raise your personal profile
  • Tools to implement in order to raise your personal profile
  • The importance of networking

Leveraging social media for business development efforts

  • The evolution of Social Media
  • Social media as a business imperative
  • Which platforms to use for promoting your organisation
  • Importance of content development and PR activities

    • Content is King
    • Engaging journalists and building relationships

    Stumbling blocks to Business Development

    • Internal
    • External

    Support initiatives from the Marketing Department

    • How can Marketing support your efforts
    • Acquiring intelligence and channeled findings into the organisation
    • Soft touches.